We provide all kinds of IT services, including setup, upgrade and installation. This includes computers, servers, printers, network, NAS, projectors and many more!

Setup up a new office recently? Or trying to upgrade your IT infrastructure of your old office? We are able to help you. Make us your one-stop IT service provider today.

At Shepard Consultants, we can do the following:

Health Check / IT Audit
A complete and thorough Health Check of your existing systems

Get a health check done for your IT infrastructure today. Our prices start from just $199 for a basic six-point check. Get to know how your system is faring and recommendations on how to improve it, all for just $199.

Network Setup
End to End network setup for office environment

Shepard Consultants is able to provide various network services such as setup of office network, setup of firewalls, managed networks, wireless networks etc. Do you need interconnection of two offices in Singapore if they are physically separated? Consider it done. Setup of VPN services? No problem.

We can repair existing network cables/jacks if they are damaged or having issues. In need of a specific health check related to network to identify issues like: Is your network optimized? Is your network vulnerable? Is your WiFi correctly configured? e.t.c? Call us today for a non obligatory quote.

IT Hardware Setup
The experts in setting up and managing your hardware


Setup of new computer/servers? Or repair of existing ones? Unable to boot? Upgrade of components such as HDD, Memory, Processor, Graphics Card, PCI-E Cards etc? You would like to migrate all your existing HDDs to SSDs? We are able to do all the basic works and more!

At Shepard Consultants, we take care of other hardware setup as well such as Printers, Scanners, NAS Setup, CCTV Setup, Projectors etc. Shepard Consultants can also be your partner in providing leased/procured heavy-duty printer/photocopier machines for your daily use.

Data Recovery
Data loss can happen anytime, Don't let it be a disaster for you

Unable to boot your computer or server? Need to recover all those important files and documents? Lost pictures from your SD card of your dream vacation?

If you contact any other professional data recovery services, they will charge you over $15/GB recovered. That means, to recover 100GB, it would cost a whooping $1,500! Most of us individuals do not have that kind of dispensable money.


How are we different?

At Shepard Consultants, we understand that sometimes the customers are desperate and are taken advantage of their desperation. We don't believe in that!. Our charge is a flat fixed rate based on the medium and complexity involved. Shepard Consultants has recovered hard disks of 500GB and charged as little as $200. That is an amazing $0.40/GB!

As per all data recovery, no technology can completely recover 100% of the data from a damaged disk. This is the same across the industry.